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It is with so much love and gratitude in our hearts that we formally say goodbye to being of service to weddings. After 13+ blessed years in the wedding industry, we have decided to follow our desire to pursue other opportunities. As you may know, Christin and I are passionate about many things outside of wedding hair and make up. If you have been following us over the years, you know that our talents and attention have been pulled to building a beautiful life for our family (especially with our 4 year old, Quest), servicing the natural hair community, supporting and building community around health and wellness. 

We have created 3 new businesses in the past 4 years that have pulled our attention and have produced greater opportunities for us that we feel called to focus more fully upon. Christin and I have been in this industry since we were in our late teens, that's over 20 years of wedding service. Needless to say, we feel that this path has run its course and its time to close this chapter in our lives. We are beyond excited for our future in pursuing what feels most aligned and resonant for our purpose here on this earth. 

To our planners and extended wedding community-we want to thank you all for your support, your trust, and your referrals of your clients. It is because of you that we were so successful over the years and have had such an incredibly expansive experience. This experience has provided us with so much and allowed us to dream outside of our first business, LunaBella Make-up and Hair. 

We hope you will continue to be in support and in community around our newer endeavors. We are always here to support you, your families, and your clients outside of wedding beauty. You can find us in our new location on 633 Chapala Street in our recently combined venture of Full Spiral Salon- a natural-hair specialized salon, Pura Luna Apothecary- an herbal health and wellness boutique shop, and Pura Luna Botanicals- our brand of organic handmade herbal products. Please stay in touch and come visit us! 

Many many blessing community! We hope to see around town and in our shop soon.

Much love and Gratitude, 

Ashe and Christin Brown

Dear Future
Wedding Inquiries,

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